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The 311.today Overview.

311.today is a simple yet powerful solution that mines massive public 311 data and generates maps, analytics tools, and notifications instantly.

View live 311 service requests in your neighborhood, and citywide.

Search historical service requests to spot trends and identify hot spots.

Use special workflow tools for CBD District managers and public workers.

Increase public efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Knowledge is power: Francis Bacon

The Solution.

The 311 system contains gigabytes of raw data on hundreds of thousands of service requests, with more being made every hour.

Using R, we built the software bridge necessary to analyze this raw data instantly, delivering actionable insights to citizens, and public officials.

Now, every time a citizen makes a service request, that request is visible on the 311.today map.

By knowing that which exists, you can know that which does not exist: Miyamoto Musashi

The Technology.

311.today is a cloud-based system that mines through gigabytes of live and archived city data.  This advanced system runs on multiple high-capacity servers in the reliable and scalable Amazon Cloud.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation: Dean Kamen

The Business Case.

Our solution gives you actionable knowledge about every service request in your district. 

Notifications sent via simple formats, including email and text.

Internally, you will spend less time assigning and tracking tasks.

Externally, your workers will spend less time searching for work to do.

Increased efficiency means that you will be able to provide a higher level of service, using less resources. 

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it: Lord Kelvin



What is the cost of 311.today?


The beta will be free to select CBDs. After the beta ends, pricing will be competitive, and beta testers will receive a substantial discount.


How long until it's live?

Two Months

We should be done with the beta in about two months. CBDs who are part of the beta will get a discount on services after that time.


How hard is 311.today to learn?


If you can use Google Maps, you can use 311.today. It literally takes about  five minutes to show almost anyone how to use it.


How does my CBD join?

Email Us

San Francisco CBDs may now contact us at [email protected] to become part of the beta. Other cities are coming soon!

The Beta.

Stop the roaming and start the knowing. Join the 311.today beta now. Fill out the simple form below, or email [email protected] for more information.