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The 311.today Overview.

Harness the power of your city’s existing 311 system to assign work to your staff.

Right now, your ambassadors roam your district looking for trash, waste, outreach opportunities, and other important and time-sensitive service needs. This is very much like an easter egg hunt. You are always playing catch-up and guessing where services are most needed. Yet citizens in your district already report these exact issues to city 311.

With 311.today, you will know about every single 311 call in your district. In addition, you can use those live 311 service requests to automatically assign tasks to your street ambassadors.

The very minute a new 311 service call is made to the city, 311.today will also relay that service request to you

Knowledge is power.

– Francis Bacon

By knowing that which exists, you can know that which does not exist.

– Miyamoto Musashi

The Solution.

311.today is the answer to needless easter egg hunts. While scores of citizens in your district currently use city 311 to report service needs, you still stand utterly disconnected from this existing reporting system.

This is because until now, there was not a software application that bridged the gap between the city 311 system and your own community benefit district.

The solution is 311.today, which is a simple yet powerful cloud-based solution that bridges the gap between what citizens in your district see and need, and what your organization sees and knows.

With 311.today you will know what your citizens need.

The Technology.

Last year, San Francisco’s Lower Polk Community Benefit District assembled a team with advanced expertise in geospatial analysis. The Head Developer holds a Ph.d in G.I.S. and a Masters of Science in Information Technology. The Project Manager holds a Jurisdoctor Degree and also has over 20 years experience in User Interface Design. With this team, and the generous support of the Lower Polk Community Benefit District, we developed 311.today.

This cloud-based system mines through gigabytes of both live and archived city data. 311.today does this data-mining in real time, taking only a few seconds to dig through hundreds of thousands of data-points. This advanced system runs on multiple high-capacity servers in the reliable and scalable Amazon Cloud.

Once 311.today crunches the data, only the information that you choose is made available to you in an intuitive and interactive map format. In addition, 311.today has the ability to automatically assign specific tasks to the appropriate workers on your team. It does all this in real time.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

– Dean Kamen

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

– Stephen Hawking

The Business Case.

This city’s 311 system already contains hundreds of thousands of crowdsourced service requests, with more being made every hour. But until now, nobody thought to link that open data to a software bridge that could crunch and report this data to community benefit districts in real time.

Now, every time a citizen makes a service request to city 311, that very same service request can be pulled in through the 311.today system and made available to you and your workers in a variety of simple formats, including email. This means that you will have actionable knowledge about every single 311 call in your district. 

Internally, you will spend less time assigning tasks. Externally, your workers will spend less time finding service needs. This will increase the efficiency of your community benefit district. Increased efficiency means that your organization will expend less resources, yet will be able to provide a higher level of service to your community. 

The Strategy.

The power of many exceeds the power of a few.

311.today empowers the citizens of your district to become powerful partners and crowdsource your service calls. Instead of the archaic top down strategy, you can now deploy the powerful bottom up model.

This solution does not lock anyone into a closed system. 311.today uses public 311 data. You get the same 311 data that the city gets. Citizens in your district do not need to sign up for proprietary smartphone apps. They do not even need to know that 311.today exists. All they need to do is to keep doing what they have already been doing, which is simply using the city’s own existing 311 system.

For added impact, we are encouraging community benefit districts to outreach to citizens and urge them to use city 311 to report service needs. The city already does this sort of outreach, and every time another citizen starts using city 311, you also have another set of eyes and ears.

Think about this dynamic for a minute. 

Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought. In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.

– Mikhail Bakunin



What is the cost of 311.today?


The beta will be free to select CBDs. After the beta ends, pricing will be competitive, and beta testers will receive a substantial discount.


How long until it's live?

Two Months

We should be done with the beta in about two months. CBDs who are part of the beta will get a discount on services after that time.


How hard is 311.today to learn?


If you can use Google Maps, you can use 311.today. It literally takes about  five minutes to show almost anyone how to use it.


How does my CBD join?

Email Us

San Francisco CBDs may now contact us at [email protected] to become part of the beta. Other cities are coming soon!

The Beta.

Stop the roaming and start the knowing. Join the 311.today beta now. Fill out the simple form below, or email [email protected] for more information.